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What is a Guardianship evaluation?

A guardianship evaluation helps to determine whether an individual needs assistance with decision-making or with accomplishing activities of daily living. For example, the evaluation can help determine whether a person is able to manage their finances, make medical decisions regarding their health, sign legal documents, live independently, etc.

What is a Power-of- Attorney enactment/activation evaluation?

A Power-of-Attorney (POA) enactment/activation evaluation is a capacity evaluation that determines whether or not the grantor is able to make medical, financial, and/or legal decisions on his/her behalf. If the grantor is unable to do so, then the power-of-attorney would need to be activated.

Can your practice guarantee the findings of an evaluation?

Pelorus Guardianship cannot guarantee any specific outcome. The examining doctor will arrive at an opinion on capacity status based on the objective findings of the evaluation.

Are legal evaluations for guardianship or POA enactment covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, legal evaluations are not covered by health insurance and would be an out-of-pocket expense. Please reach out to our office today for more information regarding the fees.

Should I consult with an attorney?

We do advise that you consult with an attorney regarding the type of evaluation that you need before you reach out to our practice. We are unable to offer legal counsel, so it is highly encouraged to speak with an attorney to be clear on the legal process when it comes to legal evaluations (guardianships, power-of-attorney enactments, etc.).

What if I need a legal evaluation that is not for guardianship or POA enactment?

Please contact us today and a member of our team will be in touch to see if we can assist.

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