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Physician Certification Service

If a person is temporarily or permanently incapacitated due to a mental illness, stroke, accident, or injury, the family of the person may seek guardianship. Two doctors' signatures are necessary to activate guardianship.

When a Physician Certification Service Might Be Needed

Physician Certification Service in Middlesex, NJ

A physician certification may be requested from the family of a person who is in a long-term care facility and has experienced significant cognitive decline. Advanced age, development of dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, or mental illness can all cause significant cognitive decline.

Referrals can also be made from community agencies for physician certification of an individual with no family who is exhibiting cognitive impairment due to mental illness or other conditions.

What a Physician Certification Service Does

A physician certification service conducts an evaluation, assessment, and review of a person’s level of cognitive function. This review can be used for establishing guardianship, power of attorney, and other necessary legal and medical functions.

How a Physician Certification Service Can Help

The physicians involved with certifying competency will conduct an evaluation to determine whether a person is capable of:

  • Making medical decisions
  • Understanding relevant information
  • Comprehending their environment
  • Demonstrating reasoning
  • Functioning autonomously

What Happens After the Physician Certification

After a physician certification has been conducted and the results have been established, the proper legal procedure can take place. It’s important to note that ongoing certification is often required, especially if the person is expected to partially or completely recover from the incapacity. Stroke patients are a common example of this. A person’s cognitive abilities can change over time. Periodic review can help protect the patient and preserve their independence and autonomy.

Want To Know More?

To learn more about Physician Certification Service, call Drs. Matthew Barnas, Deborah Ocasio, and Unnati Patel at Pelorus Guardianship. You can reach them in either the Cedar Knolls, NJ, or the Raritan, NJ, locations by calling (973) 295-6335, so call today.

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