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What Is Psychiatric Evaluation For Guardianship?

What is Psychiatric Evaluation for Guardianship?

If you have a loved one who is no longer capable of caring for himself or herself, you may be considering guardianship. Your loved one will need a psychiatric evaluation for guardianship. Drs. Matthew Barnas, Deborah Ocasio, and Unnati Patel at Pelorus Guardianship, offer a full range of services, including psychiatric evaluation for guardianship. They proudly serve residents in Raritan, Cedar Knolls, Middlesex, and Springfield, NJ, with three convenient office locations.

What You Need To Know About Psychiatric Evaluation for Guardianship

A psychiatric evaluation for guardianship is:

  • Performed by a mental health professional or guardianship doctor
  • Used to establish whether someone is still capable of self-care
  • Used to establish whether someone can still make decisions about healthcare, finances, and other aspects of life

A psychiatric evaluation for guardianship may be necessary due to:

  • Mental illness in an individual
  • Mental deficiency in an individual
  • Mental difficulties related to advanced age

During a psychiatric evaluation for guardianship, the guardianship doctor will seek to establish a legal finding of incompetency. This enables the legal guardian to assume the care of the person’s affairs, including making financial and healthcare decisions.

A guardianship doctor will test and evaluate a patient to determine whether the patient is capable of:

  • Making their own medical decisions
  • Understanding relevant information
  • Comprehending their environment
  • Demonstrating reasoning and focus
  • Functioning without help

After the guardianship doctor has determined there is a need for guardianship, paperwork will be completed and submitted to the court by the patient's or family’s attorney.

Want To Know More?

To find out more about psychiatric evaluation for guardianship, call Drs. Matthew Barnas, Deborah Ocasio, and Unnati Patel at Pelorus Guardianship. You can reach them in any of their locations in Raritan, Cedar Knolls, and Springfield, NJ, by calling (973) 295-6335, so call today.

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